New Features!!

You may have noticed a few changes to our site recently! We’ve listened to our customers and have implemented a few new features on our site!

Fresh Inventory

The fresh inventory section lists all vehicles that have been inventoried within the last 7 days. These vehicles are in the yard ready for you to pick! Listed as “Fresh Inventory” in the dropdown menu

Incoming Vehicles

The incoming vehicle section is a listing of vehicles that we have purchased and entered into our yard management system but haven’t hit the yard yet. We typically put vehicles into our system as soon as we purchase them. Once the vehicle is picked up and paperwork is received we inventory and remove the fluids from the vehicle before we put in out in the yard. This process can take anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks so please be patient! We do our best to get these in yard as fast as possible! Listed as “Not Yet Arrived” in the dropdown menu

Vehicle Pictures

If we have images on file for a specific vehicle, we pass them along to you. In certain cases, we may have images from the auction company available before we even get the vehicle! The images for these vehicles are taken at the time of inventory.

New and Improved Vehicle Listings!

We’re now publishing much more information about the vehicles that we put into the yard. We publish the stock number, mileage, exterior color, location in our yard, VIN number and date inventoried.